As it is said, there are two kind of people in this world – the first category are the one who eat to live and the second who live to eat. I proudly categorize myself as the latter.

A software engineer by profession, a gastronome by passion. I have been cooking since I was 11, though I have crafted disasters sometimes. As much as I enjoy cooking, eating always over shadows my love for cooking. I am ever ready to try anything that I come across and make it a point to taste the local cuisine of every place I visit. Be it the Thupka & momos of Leh, the kick ass burgers of US or traditional Fish & Chips of London, I savor it all. From the top restaurants in the city to the road side stalls, everything goes through these taste buds.

The love for food takes me places and I love visiting and eating at new places. My favorite tourist spot is Goa – just for the kind of life it offers along with the variety of food. I also love Ladakh – for the sheer beauty it offers.


Cooking has always been a part of me ever since I remember! My true calling…my stress buster…!
When I was a child,I was always eager to entertain & amaze my family n guests with my tea making skills 😉
But throughout my growing up days my mom kept me strictly away from the kitchen just to keep me concentrate on my studies….days changed to years n suddenly i found myself shifting base leaving my family when I got my first job!!!
Nervous, excited, apprehensive, gosh it was a mirage of emotions…and to top it all I had to cook for self (with exactly no knowledge of basic cooking)…
So then n there it began …. armed with the pots n pans my tryst with food had started 🙂

I love to feed people just like my granny n my mom…it comes naturally in my genes i suppose! 😛
And then there is my darling better-half (the A in my life) who just happily eats up all that I prepare n put before him!!! My true inspiration for making me go beyond my limits n start baking (yes!I was scared of baking!)

So walk-through with me in my kitchen n give me love n encouragement to try out new recipes n succeed in it…coz this is what which makes me smile…:)




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