Innisfree Estate – The Secret Himalayan Homestay

Shivangi Reviews

Located in Nathuakhan in Kumaon, Uttarakhand Innisfree Estate is named after William Butler Yeats’ Poem – The Lake Isle of Innisfree

We took a train from Gurgaon and reached Kathgodam really early in the morning. A taxi had come to pick us up. We stopped for some tea and snacks and then proceeded to Nathuakhan, a small village about 2 1/2 hours from Kathgodam.

You might feel sick because of the ascend and winding roads so make sure you ask your driver to go real slow, 30-40 kms/hr is ideal.

We were welcomed by Lat, his men and his army of dogs and cats (Kalu, Kali, Blondie, Mini, etc.) at the Estate and they greeted us with smiling faces.

Julia joined us too and offered us some holi treats and masala chai – “baked gujia” which is a specialty of Almora.

The estate is beautiful and their home is extremely cozy. We were shown to…

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