Review: Pullman Art Brunch @ Pluck & Pling

Shivangi Reviews

The first visit to Pluck (read the experience here), as part of a familiarization tour, was alluring. Following the concept of “Farm-to-table”, the presentation of the dishes and the variety on offer was simply invigorating. The restaurant utilizes natural light and played with it in abundance, which lifts the ambiance and the mood to notches above.

The trip this time was to experience the Pullman Art Brunch – hosted at Pluck & Pling – a modern day eatery and a vibrant lux-lounge respectively. Sundays especially call for all things grand. The Sunday Brunch @ Pluck, lets you indulge lazily with their lavish extravagant spread.

The brunch spread offer an array of selections, starting from a fresh farm-to-table salad bar, Indian and South Asian cuisine, Modern European, a live carving section dishing out roasted lamb shanks and chicken with your choice of jus and herbs – the

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