Review: Janpath Grill House, CP

Shivangi Reviews

Located prominently right in front of the Janpath market, the ambiance is welcoming  & the service is good.

To start with, the Indian mocktails are a successfull attempt at creating some extra-ordinary mocktails with the Indian touch – gur ka sharbat, hajmola ka gola, aam ki shikanji and chatori were the drinks on the menu the day we visited. Each had a punch but clearly aam ki shikanji stole the show – so much so that we ended up having at-least 4 glasses each. Gur ka sharbat is quite literally, a sharbat. I added a little bit of salt and it tasted better than what was served. Hajmola ka gola is interestingly refreshing. Chatori is again a very good drink.

The starters of the day began with gol-gappas Janpath Grill style – baked and the water in test tubes, the presetation is very appealing. The amuse bouche was nitro frymes, the regular frymes topped with liquid nitrogen, which makes it crispier and…

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