New menu for the season @ DEPOT29

Shivangi Reviews

DEPOT29 has launched a whole new menu inspired by fresh produce for the season. There are new salads and appetizers made of exotic ingredients like root vegetables, cherry tomatoes, mangoes and avocados. The menu favorites – tacos and hand crafted burgers, now have an even bigger choice to select from. The signature drinks are infused with fresh herbs, ginger, cucumber, pomegranate, green chillies. And of course, there’s waffles with dollops of homemade salted caramel ice cream.

Girjashanker Vohra, co-owner at DEPOT29 says, “In keeping with our food philosophy of serving ‘Inspired Food’, we like to keep our menu inspired by the stunning fresh produce available in the market – and the unforgiving Delhi summers provide a perfect opportunity to spruce things up a little.”

In the taco bar section, DEPOT29 has given a Vietnamese style ‘Banh-Mi’ touch by combining chicken and pickled vegetables with the much-revered Sriracha sauce. In another…

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