Meet Me Thursdays @ Starbucks – Comedy, Coffee & Chocolate!

Shivangi Reviews

Starbucks is a name synonymous with coffee. I still remember the times of October 2012, when the first store of Starbucks opened in Mumbai – it was a craze.

Then came the month of February 2013 (February 6th, to be specific) when the honor happened at CP. There were lines of people eagerly waiting to taste the best of coffee.

Starbucks recently came up with ‘Meet Me at Starbucks’ globally – where they try to bring people together – face to face – to share our joys – better understand each other and share more stories. The Indian version is ‘Meet me Thursdays’ – a concept where they organize gigs and events on Thursdays at selected Starbucks outlets. The very first one happened in Starbucks, Cyber Hub and we were invited for it!

The gigs are short – just an hour or so – letting the…

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