Ploof’s collab with WowTables – a mouth-watering meal!

Shivangi Reviews

Proof located in Lodhi Colony market had a 4 course dinner going on in collaboration with Wow Tables and I had the pleasure of sampling their fare.

The evening began with a couple of drinks, the orange vodka mojito and the apple martini. The Mojito was stupendous and you could sip it all night, it was that good.

The roast chicken soup was a great start to the evening. The flavour of star anise was the surprise and the best part about the dish as it elevated a simple soup.

The Prawn karwari was great to taste. The prawns were not cooked beautifully and the masala made it taste outstanding.

The grilled fish skewers were quite good too with a subtle hint of lemon, complementing the light taste of fish.

My favourite part of the meal was surely the main course as both our dishes were hearty and truly Italian…

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