Restaurant Review: Biryani360, Bandra, Mumbai

Shivangi Reviews

It takes nerve to have just two dishes on your menu and be among the top rated restaurant on Zomato. Perfect justice is done by Biryani360, a gourmet biryani joint, delivering all over Mumbai.

Brain child of Shayan Italia and his partner, Biryani360 is a promising joint having just 2 items to boast of – the Veg & the UnVeg (read non-Veg) – and in two portions – a single pack supposed to serve 1 and 1 kg party pack feeding 8 – 10. Priced at 360 & 3000 respectively, appears to be a bit over priced at this moment, but read on, you will know why it is worth it.

We were invited to tour the state-of-the-art kitchen Shayan has set up with the latest in food technology. I have visited other kitchens as part of food tasting events, but never seen such an organized and clean kitchen…

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