What kind of Foodie are You?

Shivangi Reviews

The Hunterr foodie: Be it weird food or simply a new cuisine, you love exploring new flavours. Your friends call you to help figure out a good restaurant for different cuisines /occasions. You have your social media antenna tuned to pick out any new interesting exciting eateries in your city.

Most likely to say: “I went there last month, their steak is so juicy! Its heaven. Why don’t you also try… ”

The Fast Food foodie: You have a favourite fast food joint which you crave every few days. Take you to KFC or pizza hut and you know exactly what to order.

Most likely to say: “Can we go to KFC after this?”

The TV foodie: You spend your evenings watching reruns of MasterChef and know the days and times of every other food show ever. You have a favourite between Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsay.

Most likely to say: “This time…

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