Restaurant Review: Olive Bistro, Gurgaon – 4/5 Stars

Shivangi Reviews

Being able to see this restaurant from my office window every other day, I always wondered how this cozy, antique-themed-decor restaurant would fare on my palate. It came out with flying colors – with its extravagant spread and exquisite dishes, the gratifying service and the lovely seating on the outside!


Olive has both an inside seating as well as an outside seating. Both have comfortable seating and given the perfect weather at the time, we chose the outer seating to enjoy the sun. They have quite a number of tables outside and almost all come with a sun shade, which can come handy when the sun is at its peak! Nicely done, both the interior and outside seating echo a vintage look.

We chose the Sunday buffet to satiate the hunger that had been dwelling since the morning. At the price, with unlimited (quantity) alcohol, it is a steal. The…

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