Indian Accent – India’s Best!!

The restaurant is acclaimed as the best in India. It truly lives up to that name.

Reservation – Given the acclaim that this restaurant has received and the selected tables, this is always packed. I was suggested by Shantanu Mehrotra (chef- de-cuisine at the restaurant) at an event to make the booking in advance of 10 days and I did the same. I got to know later that it is hard to get a table for walk-in as well as if you don’t book it at least 8 days in advance, sometimes more. They have two sittings for dinner, one at 7:30 PM and one at 9:45 PM. You can choose inside or outside seating, both are beautiful.

Location – A bit difficult to find. This is located in the quiet neighborhood of NFC. If you are coming from NOIDA/GZB side take the left for Mathura Road under Mahatma Gandhi Flyover, look for a U-turn. Enter the last gate for NFC on your left, take a right from round about and then follow the directions. They have a valet parking. Message me if you want help with the route.

Ambiance – Perfect is the word. Aptly lighted, neither more nor less. They have selected tables and have inside and outside seating. Both areas are beautiful and you could choose anyone.

Service – Impeccable. They give you ample time to figure out the menu, with suggestions coming up every time and questions answered to satisfaction. The servers know what is being served and how it’s been made. There is never a minute when your water glass is empty or a used plate is on your table. They are quick & observant, maintaining the dignity of space at the same time.

Food – What to say!! We started with some splendid starters which came coming till the time we asked them not to bring further 🙂 We had 1) Potato Sphere chat with white pea ragda 2) Chicken quesadillas, swiss gruyere and pink peppercorn raita 3) Tandoori bacon prawns, wasabi malai cream 4) Meetha achaar chilean spare ribs, sun dried mango, toasted kalonji seeds 5) Khandvi ravioli, cheese arbi mash, sweet chutney – Some of the dishes were so innovative, we couldn’t have thought what the ingredients were, until told by the servers. Everything had a unique taste and every ingredient served it’s purpose yieldingly.

For main course we ordered slow cooked baby lamb shank, munakka and walnut korma, jodhpuri chur chur parantha with fresh pesto and a garlic naan. Again everything was mesmerizing. The lamb was perfectly co oked with an delighting curry. Jodhpuri chur chur parantha came with fresh pesto and portions of dal makhani. The pesto was so good I ate it all by itself once we finished the parantha! The dal makhani was perfectly cooked too – at par with the best I have had.

Then came the surprise –  since it was our anniversary, we got a unique dessert platter with anniversary wishes. The platter had – haji ali inspired custard apple cream, mishti doi cannoli, warm doda burfi treacle tart, homemade vanilla bean ice cream. I am not a big fan of custard apple, but the custard apple cream left me yearning for more! I could have never imagined a simple dodda barfi could be transformed into something so unique and flavourful. Mishti doi cannoli was a total surprise. Managing mishti doi itself is some troublesome, how can someone make a cannoli out of it !!! Whatever is the process, the taste was unique and ‘ignited’ our taste buds!!


This platter was served as refreshers!


A must visit. Would love to go there again.


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